Call for Editors


The role of an editorial board member is to act as a Journals representative, working closely with the editor in chief to promote journals content and interact with the journals reader and author community. Successful candidates are expected to support the journal and help us maintain the journal's standards and improve its quality by:

  • Agree regularly to review the papers when invited by the chief editor.
  • Suggest reviewers for papers that you cannot review yourself.
  • Applying the journal’s policies as well as the publication ethics.
  • Support the promotion of the journal.
  • Showing commitment to the virtual editorial board meetings.
  • Be a representative of the journal. The building, nurturing and developing the community around it; increased awareness of the articles published in the journal in all relevant societies and among colleagues.
  • Become part of a journal’s editorial team is a rewarding and satisfying experience where you will build your networks, promote the research you are passionate about, and be recognized as a leader in the academic community.

If you would like to become a member of the journal's Editorial Board, please contact the Editor in Chief, including your CV and a brief letter detailing why you are a suitable candidate at Your application letter should not be more than one page, and it should cover the place where you think the field of research is heading, your research interests as well as details of any previous relevant editorial experience.