The Shanidar Cave: An Interesting Archeological Site in Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Shanidar Cave

Keywords: Neanderthal, Shanidar cave, Proto-Neolithic cemetery, Bradost mountain


Shanidar Cave is one of the most well-known caves in Iraqi Kurdistan Region. It is an archaeological site located within Bradost Mountain north of Erbil city. Eleven skeletons of Neanderthals, have been found within the cave dating back to 65000 – 35000 years, they were called Shanidar (1 – 11). The cave also contains two later "proto-Neolithic" cemeteries.


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Author Biography

Varoujan K. Sissakian, University Kurdistan, Hewler

Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, School of Science and Engineering, University of Kurdistan Hewler, Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq


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