Impact of Workplace Spirituality on Frontline Medical Staff's Sense of Happiness in The Workplace: Empirical Evidence From The Public Health Sector in Duhok City, Kurdistan Region-Iraq


  • Hadi Khalil Ismael Department of Business Administration, Technical College of Administration, Duhok Polytechnical University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • James Yohana Odeesh Department of Business Administration, Technical College of Administration, Duhok Polytechnical University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq



Workplace Spirituality, Happiness in the Workplace, Frontline Medical Staff, Public Hospitals, Kurdistan Region of Iraq


Medical staff in general and front-line medical staff in particular work in difficult working conditions, and it is expected that this will affect their sense of happiness in the work environment. Therefore, in these difficult circumstances, they need the availability of workplace of spirituality that motivates them to perform their tasks efficiently.

This descriptive study contributes to reducing the gap in the experimental studies conducted in this field by examining the impact of workplace spirituality including meaningful work, sense of community, and alignment with organizational values on the frontline medical staff's sense of happiness in the workplace. This study adopts a quantitative approach using a survey questionnaire to collect data from 237 frontline medical staff in four public hospitals in Duhok city, Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The results showed that all dimensions of workplace spirituality have a significant positive impact on sense of happiness in the workplace among frontline medical staff. The results also support the acceptability of the proposed model. The study recommended that the hospital administrations surveyed should work to enhance the medical staff on the front lines’ sense of happiness in the workplace.


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